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Teeth Whitening


Discoloured teeth is one of the leading cosmetic complaints we see with patients.

At Milton Dental Clinic, we can restore your teeth to their natural whiteness in as little as 2 visits.

Our dentists will take impression of your teeth and you will have bespoke custom made trays created. You’ll receive several syringes of teeth whitening gel to give your teeth a deep bleach (along with some extra syringes to consolidate the colour)! If you ever feel you need a top-up, all you have to do is pop by our surgery and pick up some more gel for your custom made trays!”

We offer two Teeth Whitening Systems.  One of them is Enlighten Smiles – the only TW System in the world to guarantee shade B1.

Here is a link to their website for more information.  www.enlightensmiles.com